Consumer electronics

Intelligence for smarter consumer electronics system

Xilinx consumer electronics solutions are designed to meet the requirements of the rapidly changing consumer electronics market. The system can use Xilinx solution to quickly adapt to and upgrade to the latest video technology standards, interfaces and codecs, and promote the development of a new round of display products such as Ultra HD (4k2k) and 8k4k TV.

Like high-end display, the architecture of multi-functional printer not only needs various interface standards, but also is a highly networked system integrating display and precise motor control functions.

Xilinx can realize market advantages in high-end consumer applications by adopting more intelligent vision solutions, supporting:

Real time analysis: video analysis supporting real-time face and motion detection is used to identify and realize customized monitoring

Intelligent transmission: codecs such as Xilinx h.265 and HDMI 2.0 & DP 1.2 can bring 4K video into the home

Immersive display: up to 4k2k, higher resolution and more than 60Hz frequency can realize realistic super real viewing experience

Fastest time to market: fastest support for next generation video and imaging standards through Xilinx chips, tools and ecosystem

Differentiated products: programmable Xilinx smartcore? IP enables high flexibility, which is critical to market differentiation

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